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Istanbul : Day 07

Our day back to India. 

We explored the Basilica Cisterns. It was an experience. If you are in Istanbul make sure you visit this place. 

One thing that amazed me was the proximity of the Aya Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Basilica Cisterns. The most important and interesting were the placement of the Mosque and the(n) church, Aya Sophia. 

If you seat yourself in the grounds in front of either, you have an almost clear view (apart from street lights) of the other.  

The last day was for the Cisterns. Good that we made it. 

I loved the city. Most importantly for its people.

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Istanbul : Day 06

The last day(s) are mostly for pickup stuff. Mavi, Koton and LC Waikiki are some Turkish options. Apart from the Grand Bazaar, which happens to be the most visited place on the shopping planet. 

Istekal Street was ok. Modern. 

That is a local beer brand. Didn’t quite like it. The overall food experience was a pleasure. 

Selim Usta being the highlight.

Faros and Cosy pub being very close seconds. 

Fincular ride was also an experience. The train is modeled to keep passenger base straight. 

Tomorrow we leave for India. 

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Istanbul : Day 05

Grand Bazaar followed by a wild hunt for Toys R Us. We didn’t find the store but went into the Spice Bazaar in the bargain.

Grand Bazaar is a funny combination of the New Delhi markets of Karol Bagh, Sarojini, Janpath, Yashwant Place all rolled into one. 

Bargain is a mild word. If you know your way around with words you’ll be able to get some decent deals. But you’ll never know if you paid the right price. 

Everything is priced in TL (Turkish Lira). The sites tell you to carry Euro but all shops including places like Starbucks accept all currencies but return TL. 

Tomorrow is the last full day we have in this beautiful fun city with Smiling people who have a wonderful sense of humor. 

If I can I’ll want to come back to this city when it is cold.