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2017 – Spain and Portugal

Keeping the picture albums in sequence here.

Mobile pictures – Ananda

Day 01: Madrid, Spain

Day 02: Madrid, Spain

Day 03: Madrid, Spain

Day 04: Lisbon, Portugal

Day 05: Lisbon / Sintra / Tram28, Portugal

Day 06: Christ the King (Almada) – Lisbon, Portugal

Day 08: Ibiza, Spain

Day 09: Ibiza (Old Town), Spain

Day 10: Ibiza, Spain

Day 11: Ibiza / Valencia, Spain

Day 12: Valencia, Spain

Day 14: Madrid, Spain

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Jama Masjid 

I’m trying to get back to the habit of writing regularly. Let us see if I succeed. This blog was thought of as a diary for Delhi. But has shaped otherwise. 

Here is a link to an album with more pictures of the Jama Masjid and a brief description borrowed from Wikipedia. 

Jama Masjid

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Pataudi Palace

Yesterday I wrote about Neemrana, a place I didn’t quite like. Today’s post is about Pataudi Palace. It is managed by the same company, but it is so strikingly different from Neemrana that most people would imagine that this  one is managed by a separate company all together.

The palace is just off the Gurgaon Manesar toll.

What I found best here was the helpful, smiling people who greeted you in bright pink, yellow or cyan clothing. The palace is maintained well and the food (a thing that is commonly bad at Neemrana properties) was excellent.

The compound has a lovely swimming pool, which unfortunately opens at 8am and not 6am.

It also has some 300 peacocks and peahens. Their chatter does get irritating after a while, but just to see the majestic birds moving peacefully around the compound oblivious of the humans is a sight to savor.

The many fountains and the old English architecture go well with lore of the Nawab’s from Pataudi.

One can go around the compound on bicycles or foot.

The palace of the current Nawab is off bound for the people visiting the palace, as Sharmila Tagore likes her privacy and right so.

The tea and pakoras for evening snacks at the lush lawns is typically reminiscent of the British…

A must get away for people near Delhi…


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Talking creative photography with Ashok Kochhar at Kunzum Cafe

My Thanks to Kunzum and Ashok Kochhar to share their space and experience w/ us, respectively. This post will grow until the end of this month (June 2013).

June 8, 2013 

That’s Richard (in the red tee) and his son Ryian listening to Mr. Kochhar.

The zoom just kills the shot.

Uncle… wewill get to know the reference later in the day

It was good to meet w/ some friends

and we missed some

and we promise to meet the next time…

And so it turns that the gentleman we went to listen and learn from, is the known to Daksh

June 15, 2013

Today we will get to know about street photography

This was takeaway for me:

Kunzum paraphrased Mr. Kochhar’s words so well, that I just sat back and retweeted 😉