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Kashmir | May 2018

And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence


In case you are interested – Wikipedia

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Shikha was listening to this one a few days ago and it just stuck on… The words are beautiful. If you wish to view the entire video, visit –

I’ve the habit of playing with new tools, almost to the level of being obsessed until I’ve tried it. The iOS 11 brought with itself the screen recorder. I have tried it earlier but today I tried it in conjunction with iMovies and the result is here.

I tried sharing this one on Instagram and elsewhere but couldn’t manage to get the entire poem up. I’m guessing the blog won’t let me down.

All (c) is the property of their respective owners. My intent is to share the beautiful lines and not infringement of anyone’s property, royalty or product.

Oh and, शुभ दीपावली

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Jama Masjid 

I’m trying to get back to the habit of writing regularly. Let us see if I succeed. This blog was thought of as a diary for Delhi. But has shaped otherwise. 

Here is a link to an album with more pictures of the Jama Masjid and a brief description borrowed from Wikipedia. 

Jama Masjid

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Pataudi Palace

Yesterday I wrote about Neemrana, a place I didn’t quite like. Today’s post is about Pataudi Palace. It is managed by the same company, but it is so strikingly different from Neemrana that most people would imagine that this  one is managed by a separate company all together.

The palace is just off the Gurgaon Manesar toll.

What I found best here was the helpful, smiling people who greeted you in bright pink, yellow or cyan clothing. The palace is maintained well and the food (a thing that is commonly bad at Neemrana properties) was excellent.

The compound has a lovely swimming pool, which unfortunately opens at 8am and not 6am.

It also has some 300 peacocks and peahens. Their chatter does get irritating after a while, but just to see the majestic birds moving peacefully around the compound oblivious of the humans is a sight to savor.

The many fountains and the old English architecture go well with lore of the Nawab’s from Pataudi.

One can go around the compound on bicycles or foot.

The palace of the current Nawab is off bound for the people visiting the palace, as Sharmila Tagore likes her privacy and right so.

The tea and pakoras for evening snacks at the lush lawns is typically reminiscent of the British…

A must get away for people near Delhi…


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Neemrana – Standoffish attitude

Neemrana panorama

A lot of times people say that we are not preferred in our own country. A visit to places like Neemrana and the likes makes me feel that way.

We were there for a quick vacation earlier this week and the irksome attitude of the people managing the show put me off completely. To start with our bookings were messed up and the people at the counter supposedly can’t do anything. All the control lies with the folks in Delhi. A dead lie, ‘cos as soon as we wanted to speak to the manager, we were shifted.

The food at Neemrana is very expensive and very bad. The dining hall is way up and if you have a problem like me, you are stuck. OK, this place is not for people with a foot or leg problem. The mistake was mine to have gone there, but all said and done they could have installed lifts with all the other amenities that they have borrowed from the modern world. If you happen to be in Neemrana, enjoy the breakfast to the fullest. It is good. But be sure to carry some pre-cooked food to save yourselves the pain of the lunch and dinner buffets. And also the money…

Neemrana does not have room service. No problem, but in the hot land of Rajasthan people need water. It took 10 phone calls and 30 minutes for a bottle of water to arrive. If they install a water dispenser at the level near the rooms, people can walk up (literally, as there are many stairs to climb) and get a refill.

The toilets have just paper, no water faucet. This is India, we wash ourselves and not just wipe off crap!

At the poolside, you can get yourself a beer, but tea….hmnn…no! This is India. People crave for tea here. The pool looks grand in photographs, but is a shame if you ask me.

But what irked me the most was the attitude of the people at the dinner/ breakfast area. “Sir, please get the coffee yourself, we just serve water at the table”. While an European couple were served their coffee at the table. People will take your plates off if you have moved to get some grub, without asking you. They assume, that if you are off your table, you don’t want to have that cup of tea or are too bored of that parantha.

I hope folks at Neemrana read this and get their act straight. I have written a complaint in their register as well.

While signing the cheque, I spoke to the front desk manager and asked him, “Why don’t you install a lift?” He said, “Sir, we have a palanquin to bring you up, it’s traditional and we don’t want to spoil the heritage feel.” I just had one thing to ask him, “Why do you have OVER 100 aircons working day and night sir, tradition, heritage or business, you choose?”

All in all, the pictures of this place do not showcase the attitude of the folk or the zillion odd stairs that you need to climb. Beware.