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The experience began very well. They came, they checked, the setup. It worked, but then came a bill and I questioned. The rest, is still lingering…

The started an unreachable story. Speaks volumes of their own n/w, but somehow, no one seems to care, it is all CYA (Cover Your @ss) mode. Read on…

I gave them a landline…

The only point of contention is, I had paid 3 months advance, why was I being asked to pay again. They (Franklin / Neeraj) found that the scheme the SIM was registered under by #Airtel was incorrect.

They have offered me a new SIM, I asked for pre-activated one, they have not got that to me. They couldn’t / haven’t deliver/d.

They offered me a INR 500 discount on the bill. It has not reflected in the due amount. How can I pay INR 500 less based on an email, and then they will chase me to pay the rest.

So I’ve decided, till I don’t get the SIM installed I will not pay.

I leave it to the judgement of the company. Also for the last 2 days, Neeraj and Franklin have stopped picking my calls.

If this is how you behave / treat Platinum customers, god help the newbies.But do you really care, with so much on your plate?

On a hot summer’s day…

…we decided to go have paranthas in old Delhi. The immediate thought is about the paranthe waali gali, but we went to a place called Asaram Paranthe Waala. This is near the clock tower. 

He makes / can make 16 parantha at one go.

The tawa (hot plate) is half full.

Next stop for us was Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi 

We did go to Paranthe Waali gali but to have Rabri. 

Jama Masjid 

I’m trying to get back to the habit of writing regularly. Let us see if I succeed. This blog was thought of as a diary for Delhi. But has shaped otherwise. 

Here is a link to an album with more pictures of the Jama Masjid and a brief description borrowed from Wikipedia. 

Jama Masjid

The King and his men

This is painting by my father, Late Gour Gupta. This one is for a campaign that I think was to do with finding petroleum resources. In here, the king and his men are on a hunt for petroleum.

I remember this to be pretty large painting. Acrylic on paper. And like any of his other paintings, the white is paper and not color. He specialized in doing this.

Missing him much today as a clean and sort a lot of his papers.


Shootout at Lal Qila (Red Fort)

Date: 13 Feb 2o1o
Participants: vishesh, priyanka, sunaina, mita, surbhi, suchita, priyanka, sunny, ananda, ruben, viveck and daksh

Build up: http://twtvite.com/6hz2yg

Final roundup: http://bit.ly/9YresD

Mita – http://ning.it/auWA6O
Priyanka – http://ning.it/acF04w and http://ow.ly/16zVG6
Viveck – http://tinyurl.com/yl49vym and http://tinyurl.com/yzl3t2r
Sunaina – http://ning.it/b1rp4H
Suchita – http://ning.it/a5dqoS
Surbhi – http://ning.it/aPdnOR
Ananda – http://ning.it/dzQttv

Some pictures taken by Ruben and Ananda

Sheesh Ganj

Wires all over

Red Stone against a white sky




moti masjid

jain digambar