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Australia with friends 2018/19

When you are traveling with friends, forget about your day night routine. You will do the most unexpected things and your kid/s will look at you as if they are meeting strangers.

This post is an attempt to capture of that madness.

school friends
Dec 22, 2018

Day 01 – MCG and Melbourne City

Day 02 – Great Ocean Road and Marengo

Day 03 – Marengo, Forest Boardwalk and Twelve Apostles

Day 04 – DFO, Brighton, Victoria, St. Kilda

Day 05 – Victoria Market, Sorrento, Red Hill South

Day 06 – North Sydney, Neutral Bay, Sydney CBD

Day 07 – Blue Mountains, Lilianfel’s Cafe, Jenolan Caves, Lowther and Enmore

Day 08 – Manly Beach, Hunter Park, Marks Park and Bondi Beach

Day 09 – Botanical Garden and Sydney city

Day 10 – Skyrail, Kuranda, Palm Cove

Day 11 – Great Barrier Reef

Day 12 – DFO Cairns

Day 13 – Oak Beach, Port Douglas, Breakfast with the Birds, Cape Tribulation, Kimberley, Lower Daintree, Pebbly Beach, Mowbray, Wangetti

A lot of the pictures are by Shikha and Pravit.

Jan 04, 2019
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Shikha was listening to this one a few days ago and it just stuck on… The words are beautiful. If you wish to view the entire video, visit –

I’ve the habit of playing with new tools, almost to the level of being obsessed until I’ve tried it. The iOS 11 brought with itself the screen recorder. I have tried it earlier but today I tried it in conjunction with iMovies and the result is here.

I tried sharing this one on Instagram and elsewhere but couldn’t manage to get the entire poem up. I’m guessing the blog won’t let me down.

All (c) is the property of their respective owners. My intent is to share the beautiful lines and not infringement of anyone’s property, royalty or product.

Oh and, शुभ दीपावली

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2017 – Spain and Portugal

Keeping the picture albums in sequence here.

Mobile pictures – Ananda

Day 01: Madrid, Spain

Day 02: Madrid, Spain

Day 03: Madrid, Spain

Day 04: Lisbon, Portugal

Day 05: Lisbon / Sintra / Tram28, Portugal

Day 06: Christ the King (Almada) – Lisbon, Portugal

Day 08: Ibiza, Spain

Day 09: Ibiza (Old Town), Spain

Day 10: Ibiza, Spain

Day 11: Ibiza / Valencia, Spain

Day 12: Valencia, Spain

Day 14: Madrid, Spain

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4G Wifi Home

The experience began very well. They came, they checked, the setup. It worked, but then came a bill and I questioned. The rest, is still lingering…

The started an unreachable story. Speaks volumes of their own n/w, but somehow, no one seems to care, it is all CYA (Cover Your @ss) mode. Read on…

I gave them a landline…

The only point of contention is, I had paid 3 months advance, why was I being asked to pay again. They (Franklin / Neeraj) found that the scheme the SIM was registered under by #Airtel was incorrect.

They have offered me a new SIM, I asked for pre-activated one, they have not got that to me. They couldn’t / haven’t deliver/d.

They offered me a INR 500 discount on the bill. It has not reflected in the due amount. How can I pay INR 500 less based on an email, and then they will chase me to pay the rest.

So I’ve decided, till I don’t get the SIM installed I will not pay.

I leave it to the judgement of the company. Also for the last 2 days, Neeraj and Franklin have stopped picking my calls.

If this is how you behave / treat Platinum customers, god help the newbies.But do you really care, with so much on your plate?