I will start with my favourite line “Agar maano toh Amrit, nahi toh paani”. Heard this one day at Bangla Sahib, New Delhi many years ago.

The plan to go to Amritsar was on the cards for nearly 3 years now and everytime we decided, something else would come in the way, not in a negative manner, but would prevent us from visiting the city. So maybe this is what was destined.

Here are some highlights of the trip, documented mostly by my tweets from the city along with pictures. I hope the location tags will help future visitors to the city have some good food, if not anything else 😉!/aanondo/status/135162784290836482!/aanondo/status/135186119494074368!/aanondo/status/135213316355268608!/aanondo/status/135224178767958016!/aanondo/status/135254701083066369!/aanondo/status/135255390542770176!/aanondo/status/135259371339915264!/aanondo/status/135266984991526912!/aanondo/status/135277580008955904!/aanondo/status/135289815494180866

Bharawan da dhaba is one of the oldest eating joints in Amritsar. This place has the most amazing vegetarian food. Coming from a person who rarely appreciates vegetarian food this is a Veggie paradise.

Then came the shopping spree with Phulkari  duppattas and salwars.

Next was the sight we came here for, the Golden Temple –

Day 2!/aanondo/status/135590438928265216!/aanondo/status/135610078593159169!/aanondo/status/135642470531874816!/aanondo/status/135670530266251264!/aanondo/status/135788486753132544


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