Gour Gupta – President’s Award

Till the time that my Father (Gour Gupta) was alive, he did not let us bring this picture out. “When I am here, why do you need to see this?” was the typical answer I had got several times.

Today my mother asked me to print the picture for her in a smaller size, she is going to Kolkata tomorrow and wants to carry it with her, I nearly said, “Why, he is with you, always?” but for some reason stopped short of saying so.

She had kept aside the b/w 120 mm -ve.

Here is the picture.

I do not have a trans-light scanner so just scanned the film with a white Background.

Then cropped and rotated it. Good that when you crop with PS you have the flexibility to rotate the crop marquee to give you a perfectly aligned picture.

I had to flip it as it was a -ve (and I had seen the original :D) and would most likely give me an inverted picture from the correct side.

Maybe we will never use a TLR again, but I definitely want a few more goes at the 120 mm B/W variety for sure.

The final output after a little bit of touching up was this –

That’s Dr. Zakir Hussain handing the award to my father. I have no recollection of why he was awarded it and mother too was a little lost on this one.

She remembers that the lady in the seat is Mrs. Gandhi 🙂

The grains will be removed, but for that I need a day.


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