To catch a Butterfly

What a better way to start a new year than with a new book. Not often does the author of a book contact you and it was my good fortune to have had a chance to review ‘To catch a Butterfly’ by Vivek.

Vivek is an ex-investment banker and an alumnus of IIMA and this is his second book. First book was “To catch a smile” – A collection of short stories. He is currently working as a full time writer and actor.

As always his stories and narration is very near to real life and he as always remains to be the humble writer, ever trying to capture in simple words, complex situations. This story is about Nirmal, a young, peppy MBA, go-getter. Who had it all till one sunny day his life fell apart. Is he able to bounce back? We’ll if I give that out then Vivek will not feel so good, will he.

You can get the book from either Flipkart or from IndiaPlaza.

The designer of the cover  I guess had too many thoughts and I personally didn’t get the connect of cover to the content. I also notice that his blog address and his email on the back cover  have a hyperlink style, the pitfalls of digital design and the intelligence of design software is all I can blame it on!

I wish Vivek all success with the book and the new year.



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