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Today is Mahalaya, the start of the celebrations for Durga Puja.

As soon as I hear this song – Jago Durga, I am transported to the school days, when we had to tune in to SW (Short Wave) to catch signals from Calcutta and precisely at about 7am this song would play. I am getting goose bumps as I right this, I can see those days.

The person who has posted this also has some childhood memories

The song is rendered by Dwijen Mukherjee. For a long time I thought it was by Hemanta Mukherjee as they sound so similar. The song is sung to bring the idol of Goddess Durga  to life, so – Jago Durga; and is sung in her praise.

If you too have some childhood memories with this song, then do post them as comments.



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One thought on “Mahalaya

  1. WOW !!!

    Still remember those days, when there was only one channel ‘DD1’ or doordarshan (Dad used to remind us its ‘Dur-Doroshon’, dur theke dakho, kache jabe na – na to choke kharab hoye jabe meaning ‘dur se dekho nahi to aankhe kharab ho jayenge ‘).

    Mom will wake us up early in the morning to watch ‘Mahalaya’ and we used to wait endlessly for this show to start (the DD screen with strips of few colours … meaning wait…).

    And then suddenly it will start … Jago Durga Jago Dashapraharanadharini abhaya shokti bolo-prodayini tumi jago… and the story of how ‘Maa’ killed the Demon and which GOD gave which power to her to fight the battle with Mahishasur…

    And then Mom will explain, how Durga is coming to earth this time like on elephant or on boat, how it will affect the crops, but for us this is the time for joy and festivity meaning can smell the winters approaching, new clothes, chutti from studies, running around in Pandal, giving puspanjali, visiting different pandals, having bhog there … and attending cultural events and orchestras !!!

    Uff still miss those days … now life is so pale so monotonous. But thanks Ananda for refreshing those days once again.

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