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9 ain’t that magical after all for me…

1974 – 1992 = 18 years = 9 numeric. – Suffered from Polyneutritis | Blog post and with a few hiccups in between (read post). 1992 – 2010 = 18 = 9 numeric. Suffering from Cellulitis

This post is an attempt to document the time that I suffer from Cellulitis. Why? ‘cos this might help someone; this is my attempt to create content for me to read when I am 60 :P; this blog could be used to write a book about someone who is unknown yet has had the will to document what he feels.

The magical number 9, which at a point in time was the luckiest number of my life does not seem so when I look back at the years. Or may be it is the combination of 1 and 8; further thinking it could be 36 which again is a 9 which could be the issue here. 9 or 36 what is the issue? Well, I am not a numerologist and maybe it is just coincidence that I have fallen ill exactly after the same number of years.

On the 11th a day after my son’s birthday, he and I were playing with his Lego toy (read my previous post) after dinner and all was well. We had planned a birthday party for his mates the following Saturday 14, Aug 2010 and I wanted to send them some personalized cards. That is when the pain struck me. At first I thought it was a minor muscle pull near the inner thigh area. I printed the cards, but when I got up to get the envelopes, I realized that it was more than just a groin muscle pull. I decided to shut down the computer and call it a day.

That night I couldn’t sleep until 4am when a good soul planted a ‘voveran’ shot into me. The next day (12/08/10), I got a Color Doppler test – it was flawless. The doctor yet admitted me, saying that they needed to keep me under observation. The next day (13/08/10) they asked me to go get an MRI done of the pelvic region and the right leg. By this time I was feeling an uncomfortable pain and warmness in the right leg from the knee to the ankle. The skin was getting red and it was with great difficulty that I managed to walk. By the time I had returned to the hospital after the MRI, I had developed boils on the right leg. I could feel the water inside. Damn!!

14 and 15, passed in a lot of pain and the uncomfortable position of being helped to the washroom. Ya, it is rather funny, when you need to be accompanied there 🙂

On the 16th I did not want to have anything, by noon the doctor ordered for an X-Ray of the chest. As I walked out of the room one of the boils gave way and water trickled down on the floor. It was sticky. Then another and another, went burst! The doctor said that the leg needed to be operated! WTF!! Why? ‘Cos else the water inside would turn into puss and would harm more. He said, he would slit the skin, so that the fluid could flow out. As I hadn’t had anything that day, he said he would perform the operation the same day. (Still can understand why you cannot be anesthetized if you had had something).

So the goat was prepared and then rolled on to the stretcher. The anesthetist was stuck in traffic for more than 30 mins and all the while I was lying on the operation table. WTF!! I was given two shots in the spine and was told that I would sleep. But that was not to be, I was in semi sleep. I knew exactly what was happening. The anesthetist had a ‘cuckoo’ ringtone and the main doc had a funny semi popJazz kind of 3D stuff. When he was slitting the leg, it seemed liked someone had a placed a very thick blanket around the leg and was grappling with it. It was later that I realized that he was carving the meat in there. Now that I have seen it and it looks like someone had cut out chunks in oblong shapes from various parts of the leg. There is also an insertion on the foot area.

I was relieved from the hospital on the 26/08/2010 and am currently living with my inLaws as our house is on the 3rd floor and I can’t even think of climbing them stairs now for a while. My right leg in bandaged and it needs to be changed everyday.

I thank god for all the relatives. They helped me selflessly and also suffered my moods. Apologies.

Now what would such a blog post be without some pictures, so …

The lifeline
The boils on the leg
Just before the MRI
Just after the operation
This is how the leg looks now
The elbow crutch and the left sandal is what I need to walk now

Well, that’s that. Now that it has happened, the only thing that can happen is that it it can get better.


16/09/2010 – Back at work. Back home as well. Now climbing stairs.

18/09/2010 Updated with latest pictures of the leg without the bandage. Go away if you don’t like flesh and blood. The images are blurry.

insertion shot 1
insertion shot 2
insertion shot 3

Crazy – even my hands shook even though I see this everyday!



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4 thoughts on “9 ain’t that magical after all for me…

  1. Hey I still believe 9 is that magical for you, may be it was supposed to be worse but due to this 9 factor things did not turn that bad and now getting better. Agreed you had gone through pain/restlessness and discomfort, but it gave you an opportunity to understand those friends and relatives better. Now you know whom to count upon if you are in crisis or why the other person did not turn up even though they were so closed to you.

    This also opens our eyes to understand that yes still people are selfless and they do care about us.

    The worth of family, relatives and friends are only understood when you go through these kind of situation. This is the time when you can actually judge their words and their deeds.

    Now you can proudly claim that you have people to fall upon, who will stand with you no matter what.

    Wish you luck and faster recovery with the power of number 9.

    1. maalik aap toh gyan dene lage.. oh ho ideafarms ka asar 😛 but on a serious note, maybe what you say has merit. thanks a lot for the good wishes and support. cheers!

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