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I am convinced…

I knew it! The more you plan the more it does not work. It has happened so many times that I can call mysefl an expert at not planning – but DO-ing. Plans are plans are plans, they are good on paper, IMO. Most will disagree, so be it!

I planned to get away from Delhi on Friday night (18/06/2010), but when I got back home – THE PLAN HAD CHANGED! As most people were too tired to get back into a car and ‘it is supposedly – UNSAFE’ – I just muted and said – WTF, I am driving – you guys can sleep’. But a NO from the HQ means a NO.

heat and dust on Twitpic So here I was at 9:30 am looking to get some breakfast for the travel party. Not to say that it was very hot and dusty and I kind of looked at the positive side of the story – i.e. a Beer at noon! Ya, what did you think 🙂

The PLAN now was to go to some ‘Country Club’ as one of us friends was getting a good deal. So that was that, and we PLANNED to leave by 12PM. At 11:30, the friend calls to inform, ‘Dude that place is sold out and the manager tells me that it is worthless to get there. So there was another plan…

The plan NOW was to show the ‘tresspassers’ (into my plan) the city, as like most Delhi-ites they were oblivious to the various places of interest. OK, this was better than nothing at least. I was in no mood to let the ‘down feeling’ get me. But … in no time the tresspassers aborted the PLAN. Why? It was too hot for nawabganj safari on Twitpic

GUYS! Let’s just go out for a decent LUNCH can we? YES! So we went out of Delhi, to Gurgaon – LOL!!! – As the kids could have a ball at the play area and we could just have a quiet afternoon. Destination – Ambience Mall – Food Court. 

We found this place ‘Nawabganj Safari’ to be different and tried it. The starters were good, the food Ok. The feel was good and the kids had fun, which is the MOST important factor.

Next up we saw ‘Shrek’ in 3D, as many of us had not seen it

and then it was time to say bye-bye.

yeh dosti :-) on TwitpicBut wait…this can’t be it! A vacation day can’t end so easily, there has to be a catch and here it was… as we walked to the parking lot one of us said – what about a ‘bowling’ game. Hmnn… good. YES – SURE- WHERE. So we hopped across to Metropolitan and went to this games joint called Amoeba.schoolmates on Twitpic

We had a Bowl or should that be – ‘a ball’. The kids had a good time and as did we. I fell on my back and the damn thing is still hurting, but what the heck. And I also found that I can still shoot a basketball in the ring with ease w/o touching the board. (yeah, it was after 20 fails, but that is not something that you write on your blog :P, do you?)

baccha party on TwitpicThe kids were tired (mostly of us by now). They are not used to having the parents for so long *sad*. So now we finally set out towards home. But wait, the day ain’t over till it’s over… as we drove back, we decided to watch ‘Raavan’. 11:30PM PVR Naraina.

So we packed the kids in quickly (mom was there to look after them, can’t Thank her enough – guess that will never be possible) power dinner and at nearly 90kms/hr to naraina from karol bagh, which incidentally is worse than a bomb struck Iraq/ Afghan town. Will post pics soon and you will know.

Got Tickets – Lucky

Saw Raavan. I liked it.

Got home at 2:30AM after a coffee, throughly convinced that as soon as you let go of the PLAN, the plan starts to work. Had a wonderful day, now looking forward to the next two.


PS: All pics w/ the N73.



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