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Ma ‘sharab’ kya hoti hai?

The story behind the tweet –

DSC04338 Pravit is always fascinated by the shapes and patterns of liquor bottles. Moreover he has had a sip or two of nearly everything that is available on the bar menu. Call me an idiot, but that is the way I am, I did not (and do not) want him to grow up thinking – that liquor is a ‘bad’ word and a ‘bad’ thing.

Like I said in a tweet this morning – : Alcohol doesn’t solve any problem, but neither does milk…, so why make it the villain.  I know how it feels, as I grew up with the same apprehension and fear. The words in my head “Don’t know what will happen if I take a sip”. IMO – It’s an useless feeling, so I changed the game plan.

No wonder, I was surprised when Shikha called me to tell, Pravit is asking, “Ma ‘sharab’ kya hoti hai?” All that I could say was, “Arre pata toh hai usse”. That was somehow not an acceptable answer for my wife, so she called up her dad and said, Pravit is asking, “Ma ‘sharab’ kya hoti hai?”

I do not have the words, but can imagine how he would have looked – hapless, hopeless and helpless, if you please. But his response was super, “Do not even think of telling him that it is a bad thing. His Dad, his Nana, his Mausa and Masi, His Mama and Mami enjoy a drink. Let me think, and till then, change the topic.”

By this time I was home and thought of showing Pravit what ‘sharab’ really was. I took out the bottles and Misc 144asked him what they were. Promptly he said “Drink”. “What drink?”, I asked. “Beer”, he said. Everything was beer for him as that is all that he knew.   I guess what he wanted was to put a name to the word ‘Sharab’. That’s it. So I helped him do it. Now he knows that a drink is sharab in Hindi.

Sometimes it is important to put a name to a thing, a face to a name; in this case the little felllow had the name but was not sure what the heck that thing was. I saw the disappointment on his face when he was told that that thing in that bottle is sharab. He somehow was expecting it to be a brand new thing. I wish I could get into his mind and see what pictures were flashed or associated with the word.

May be someday even that would a click away, or in this case a swig away!!


PS: I have asked him a couple of times, but have not got to the bottom of where he heard the word ‘sharab’ and how he remembered just that.



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One thought on “Ma ‘sharab’ kya hoti hai?

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