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My breakfast has changed for the last month…

… and will remain the same for the next 7.

Misc 109This is what I have for breakfast these days. AKT4, a kit of 4 tablets that need to be consumed empty stomach. Well, that is the only way to have it unlike what Sanjay says here and you can’t skip a single dosage!!

Yup, it is painful. The very thought of having these makes you want to sleep a little more and then a little more. But then that is the only cure. Yes, DOT [directly observed treatment] is there, but both the experts I consulted were of the opinion that I should have AKT4, so here I am.

Misc 110

‘cos it’s such a pain, I find myself playing with the tablets and making funny combinations of which one to have with which each day and making symbols like this one.

As in this blog I try and capture my memories of the days that I am living, I wanted to capture this event as well.

Oh! but why the heck am I having this stuff and why have I been at home for the longest time (well, not actually, but then that is another story that we will come to in some other post)? ‘cos I am suffering from TB. Many have asked me “how did you get it?” all that I could truthfully tell them was – “If I knew, I wouldn’t have got it :D”. Here is what the doctors diagnosed –

  1. Due to very quick change of temperatures, like walking in/out of an air-conditioned environment to a non air-conditioned one
  2. Stress
  3. … and how could they have missed my Smoking
  4. As I was swimming those days, could also have been from the change of the water temperature (no daksh, it wasn’t what you were thinking :P)

So after nearly a month of medical intervention, I have experienced a lot of –

  • loss of taste (can’t taste salt in some items)
  • discoloration of urine, it turned orange (got scared and got a LFT done, as it is well known that TB medicines affect the liver)
  • marching ants on torso and other parts of the body, extreme itching and allergy

These medicines are known to make you sleepy, but the anti allergic tablets just take the cake. They make you sleep wherever (and that is not uncommon for me :D)

In the last month I have lost all the bloody stamina I gained with a couple or was it 3 months of swimming. Can’t think of sitting in a chair and not falling off to sleep!

I am looking out for a driver ‘cos driving for over 20Kms is a stress that I wish to avoid + so has been suggested 🙂

The tiredness is reducing day-by-day and soon I hope to be back in action.


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21 thoughts on “My breakfast has changed for the last month…

  1. Personally I find only ‘Smoking’ as one of the key reasons for your diagnosis.

    Obvious question would be ‘why’ ?

    If we do some maths, we’d find out the no. of smokers diagnosed with TB are more than (change in AC + swimmers + stress) put together. Honestly, there are no numbers for the latter ‘3’ 🙂

    1. @Daksh – Mathematics is for analysis and graphs and all that jazz in luncheon meetings and board (read bored) rooms.

      What’s for real is nature, and that is all that counts. If your body is in good shape and can take on the abuse of the world then nothing matters – not smoking, not stress – nothing. But when the base machinery is suspect then everything matters.

      So though I agree that ‘smoking’ is and will always be maintained as the main cause (in my and everyone’s mind) but the others – specially stress is what turned to be last hay on the camel’s back.

      Interestingly this is not me but a TB expert’s words. He said, “…smoking just made you more vulnerable than the next guy…”

      We (atleast I) thought that work-life balance meant – spend time w/ your family vis-a-vis to the time that you spent at work. But as the expert explained, it is not that… it is the time that you let your mind and body ‘rest’ is what matters. So you could be completely stressed out if you have a hectic weekend, ‘cos you’d want to spend ‘quality-time’ w/ your family. That is ‘bullshit’, as that just makes you more TIRED! On the contrary, you could be relaxed even w/ a 11hr work day, provided you know when to let go.

      Get the picture? I am desparately trying to…


      PS: That has be the longest comment ever!

  2. My mum suffered from TB back in the days. I was not even born then. The treatment was bad that time and she had to go through surgery for cox. I am glad things are better now, in terms of the treatment. But I hope you get better soon. 🙂

  3. I was diagnosed with Tb 2 months back. Even undervent a surgery to drain an abcess in the lymph node. As if AKT4 was not enough…they now put me on Akurit 4…stronger dose.
    Biggest side effect i feel is the uncontrollable itching all over the body. I met a skin specialist…he says its the reaction of medicines..but medicine cannot be stopped.

    WTF?? another 7 months this way will kill me. Started eating eggs after a span of 10 years..They say that is the best protien supplement…Yeah….i’ll believe them this time…

    Any quick fix for the itching ???

    1. HI Maddy,

      Powder is the best bet. I used it a lot. Keep away from deos. But somehow, even after many moons the itching is still there and become extremely irritating sometimes.

      I wish you all the luck.


  4. Medicine is good, will make you normal. But you have to be careful for whole life any change in diet will catch it again. So keep healthy diet. Good Luck.

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