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to copy…or not?

The question is – Why shouldn’t I copy? ‘cos it is bad to do so. Who said so? I know it is bad to answer a question with a question, but then, what about the zillions of artists making duplicates of the masters, to the last possible, droplet of color? Can you in any which way undermine their skill or talent? If they can copy a Rembrandt or a Picasso, then the are as good – even better, ‘cos many a times it is the same person who – one day ‘copies’ a Rembrandt and the next a Picasso.

Even the greats would have applauded him/her – is my take! What do you think?

I say even God copied! Can you deny that?

  • Why are all the barks some shade of brown? *
  • Why are the leaves green?*
  • Why is grass green – there are many kinds of grass?
  • Why do we have 4limbs, 5finger on each limb, 1nose, 2eyes, 2ears,….?*

*(exceptions are there, that’s when He got bored!!)

Music, ya, that is where this post started from… I was listening to this number on the internet, when my wife said, that is a copy from …. and she couldn’t remember the name. What a waste, I thought? If this would have happened in public, then that would the beginning of ‘mouth-bashing’ the music director. And if it were by any chance – one Mr. Pritam, then, he would have got a mouthful for sure.

My take – Ok, so he copies, but the damn thing sounds good. So what’s the problem?

If Mr. Bhupen Hazarika could win all possible awards with his ‘O! Ganga tumi…’ which is a direct ‘lift off’ of ‘Old Man River’ [], then why are we after Pritam’s . Mr. Hazarika’ s songs did not sound half as good!!

Salil Choudhury copied a marching tune of the Soviet Red Army –

and also copied Mozart’s symphony no 40 – 1st movement –

  1. Now the common man has the accessibility to the source, earlier they did not. That is one difference.
  2. The other, if Salil Choudhury copied from the marching tunes, then it would take decades for the information to reach the then Soviet Union, now,  it is as simple as – upload to youTube…and share on twitter, facebook, digg…the works!!

If I read the environment correctly, then it is shouting at me, to copy. Get what I mean – “Do not waste time, reinventing the wheel!!!”

If there is a lightbox available, pick it up and use. Do not change the name in the source code is all that is being requested. Please do not make it. We know you can, but why do you need to?

If there is a template that you like, use it, just let the world know we made it.
We know for sure you’ll be able to make it, but then, who will run your business, not us?

The environment is saying pick up what is already made, concentrate on your thought and make what you want to make of it. Build upon what is available. Trap – To build upon what is available, I must know… The answer is yes, that is what you are being paid for! So bloody well get your basics right and everything will fall in place.

… and by the way, please leave  that pseudo intellectual, holier than  thou, … ‘jama’ at home from 2mrw! ‘cos we know what, where and how to copy!!



Ananda's career spans over 18 years of experience in Graphic Visualization and Designing for Multimedia Packages/ Web, Multimedia Courseware Development and Corporate Marketing. Ananda is known for integrity, high professional standards and sensitivity to deliver projects within the committed parameters. He is focused on work ethic and positive demeanor at the work place. Ananda is skilled in handling multiple projects and adept at end-to-end development, encompassing Visualization, Creation, and Development of the user experience. He has served as a Graphics Designer and Visualizer for CBT, WBT and web sites. Ananda believes in strong team orientation and ensures interdepartmental co-ordination to support organizational objectives. He has the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management. He possesses invaluable experience of working in multiple technologies across various domains. Ananda is a creative, conscientious and adaptable leader who develops strong working relationships and sets standards for employees.

2 thoughts on “to copy…or not?

  1. If Mr. Bhupen Hazarika could win all possible awards with his ‘O! Ganga tumi…’ which is a direct ‘lift off’ of ‘Old Man River’ [], then why are we after Pritam’s . Mr. Hazarika’ s songs did not sound half as good!!

    Well, simply because Dr. Bhupen Hazarika did not plagiarize. He was a disciple of Paul Robeson during his PhD studies in Columbia University, and ‘Bistirno Parare’/’Ganga’ was his way of paying tribute to Robeson’s music and ideology. Here is an interview where Dr. Hazarika briefly talks about this (watch at 4.45 min of the video) :

    As for your comment on Dr Hazarika’s music being not as half good as Pritam’s, that is strictly your personal opinion, so no comments on that.

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