The “Marlboro Marine”

James Blake Miller
Image via Wikipedia

Nearly as a rule for the last many years I start my day by clicking on a random link. This is more less a ritual now. The link could be from an email, my bookmarks, something that I read on a billboard or  sometimes even on cabs or autorickshaws! It’s my way of exploring something that I have either not seen in a long time or never.

Yesterday, I chanced to click on a link from Twitter about the Marlboro Marine – James Blake Miller. It was something that I had marked as a favorite to come back to later. 12 Aug 2009, was the day that I was introduced to James Blake Miller.

The video shook me up and the pictures by Luis Sinco were apt (for lack of a better word).

What hit me was that the people who have the courage to live under extreme circumstances are somewhere inside so shaken that they are not themselves. They live two lives. They are desperately trying to be themselves, but have forgotten who they are…

Questions buzzing in my mind…

  • Why do we need wars?
  • Who cares for the people who survive the atrocities?
  • Who care for the veterans?
  • What goes on in the minds and lives of the war heros?
  • Do they ever lead normal lives?

I think that this video and the articles, will live with me for a while. It will be difficult to forget the music by Marine Lance Cpl. Miller. It will be difficult to remove the pictures by Luis Sinco from my mind.

As I post this, I was checking the links to share, and guess what, the pages have been removed/ archived by LA Times.

I got the link to the video via Wikipedia, here.

I don’t know how to end this post… just wish Blake finds peace!

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