Do you really want to test drive a new car?

Test Drive
Image by St Stev via Flickr
Lately I have been test driving cars to figure out which one I’d want to buy, as my 2007 MS Zen Estilo is suffering from a ‘head’ disease.

So what am I looking at when I am test driving a car

  • Reliability
  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Re-sale
  • Looks and Feel  

Out of the above IMO what matters most is – Reliability with a twist. The twist being, how reliable is this vehicle after it has run, let’s say 40,000 km or say, after 3 years? How reliable are the interiors if you have an active 5 year old, you know what I mean, don’t you – banging doors, playing with the windows, …?

The other aspect that crosses my mind is – “… but this is not the car that the company will finally deliver, right?” So why test drive something that you’d never get. Do you ever try a pair of jeans and buy another one? And this is much more… expensive than a pair of jeans. It is an extremely painful and time consuming procedure to ‘get another piece’ if the one that you’ve landed up with is faulty.

Does anyone think about this? I would love to see this happen, ‘cos a new car is after all a new car and all new cars are great to drive.

What say? Any ideas?

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