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When god is not looking …

Well a brief background, Sangeeta and I worked at NIIT for nearly 2 years. Can’t remember if I left NIIT before her or vice-versa.

Next time that I touched base with her was nearly two years later when she was to get married.

— Cut to going to Sangeeta’s wedding —

All set, Shikha and I leave for Mayur Vihar well in time. We reach the Noida crossing at about 8:45PM, pretty decent for a New Delhi wedding (we thought we’d be there in about 20mins), but now is the twist in the tale. A construction worker directs a huge truck to make a U turn, in the bargain I miss the only scraped, dusty, dirty, unlit road sign that was to take us to Mayur Vihar!

— Cut to Noida Express Highway —

That is where we landed!! at 10:00PM cruising along, unaware that that was a 18Km stretch without an EXIT!! (now of course there are many)

— Cut to Roll Waala, Ring Road —

That was dinner!

Then again Sangeeta went into hibernation. Touched base with her recently thanks to someone from her previous organization coming for an interview to our office. I was attempting a reference check, but Sangeeta did not know this person 😦

— Cut to reality —

This post is not about Sangeeta, it’s about her husband Hirak. Now, Hirak is a passionate long distance adventure motor-cyclist, he has covered over 50,000 kms of Indian terrain over the last couple of years. It is this passion that has brought him closer to the camera since he wanted to bring home memories from each journey.

— What I missed at Sangeeta wedding —

See Hirak arrive for his marriage driving a Royal Enfield, bedecked with flowers, and in traditional Bengali attire – silk dhoti, kurta, ‘topor’ for helmet et al.

Their 30 day honeymoon was a long bike ride with his wife, from Delhi to Goa! A self proclaimed polygamist, he has three spouses – the camera, the bike, and Sangeeta.

by Sangeeta Das A self taught photographer, Hirak’s photography includes, travel – people and places, street photography, abstract and fine art. He is also an artist, illustrator, cartoonist and writer. His photographs and artwork have found their rightful place in private collections in India, UK, the Nederlands and Indonesia. His writings on terrorism, current affairs, international affairs and sports have been published in the editorial pages of leading Indian dailies and one of his leading articles on Osama bin Laden, written exactly a year before 9/11 in The Pioneer, is on the official press pages of the Indian Embassy at Washington.

by Amrita Dey Loved his favorite quote –

“Sair kar duniya ki Ghalib, yeh zindagani fir kahan;

Zindgani gar rahi to, naujawani fir kahan”.



Hirak lives and works from New Delhi, India and is currently showcasing his work with best in the trade at –

ZAZA Space Gallery,
25- 26 Community Centre,
Zamrudpur, New Delhi

Date – 6th to 27th March
Timings – 11 am to 6 pm daily



I will add onto this post or will write another one after I visit the exhibition.

See you there!

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4 thoughts on “When god is not looking …

  1. hi,

    nice to read abt Hirak………. just one correction……. Hirak’s favorite quote is actually like this………

    Sair kar duniya ki GHAFIL, Zindagani phir kahaan,
    Zindagani gar kuchh rahi to Naujavani phir kahaan.

    its by ‘Ismail Meeruti’ a fine urdu poet of 18th century, anybody else who clais it with any correction should be punished so let me know if anybody doing so….

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