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The user experience is taken for ride with such stuff

Now I was happy to install and test the Twitter App on Facebook today until the following happened –


Come to think of it how can such companies who thrive and survive on users, write such stuff!

The message starts on a great note and then goes to “ … Your problem had been logged – if it persists, please come back in a few days. …” And then do what, if I may ask? Get to see the same message again?

Now that we have so much ‘technology’ that many of us can do without anymore of the ‘bits and bytes’ stuff for the rest of their lives, could please get serious about what we make with this thing called ‘technology’? Could we?

Now look at this one – classis piece of art, I must confess….


How could I have written at 1:48am tomorrow. I mean are these guys nuts?


Cover of I see Virtual Space is again going to be at a premium in the coming years. Why? ‘cos there is but just so much space on the earth! It’s not about cost anymore. The matter is more serious. The internet is a garbage bin. How many of us go and delete emails that we do not need? Phishing and Spamming filter are not enough to clean up the mess we create. Watch Wall.E and you will know exactly what I mean.

— Another thought —-

I can’t fathom how the minds of technologists tick, on the one hand they make a ‘microchip’ that is more powerful than the best computers available just a few years back or let’s say they make a 2GB USB device (more than the combined storage space available in a well equipped office not so long ago) and then they make applications that need 4 times the amount of RAM they needed, again not so long ago! The Web2.0 experience is meant for people with excellent bandwidth, else you get to see the truths that no web developer would like to share 😉

Again just because it is affordable to have a 2GB RAM, should application developers start making applications that need that kind of space? Should web developers forget the basics and start developing solutions that take forever to load?

Think about it!

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