Looking at the world as a child and a parent

As a child I thought my parents are not letting me have fun. Now I realize that though fun is important and a must, so is making your child responsible. I am happy to have the lessons of responsibility early and that did not mean any less fun mind you!

Well then came the teens, I was headstrong and wanted to be independent … not a pleasant thought when I look at life through the other pair of eyes. My parents had hearts of gold and resolve of steel, is what it seems, they did not let me get off the track. They never gave up, they were never bored, and they were never tired.

It’s hard to be the bad guy who has to say “no you won’t get it” and take away that ‘object of desire’, but you got to do this sometimes when you are a parent. When I reason today I see that one cannot always side with their children, just to make sure that their children don’t hurt themselves. As a child I thought my parents never saw my side, actually there were many things that I was unaware of and some that I would not be able to comprehend even if my parents explained it to me. Get the picture? Sounds familiar?

So where is the rulebook? As a kid I did search for it, in dad’s cupboard, mom’s book shelve; secret corners of the house. Why did someone not tell me that there is no such thing as ‘A quick guide to Bring up your Child’? Yes, there is no such thing. Parents think on their feet. All that they are concerned about is the happiness of their children.

All that children are looking for is guidance. Guide them the best that you can, for that is all that you can do!

Be clean and straight with your kids, for that is what they understand best and that is how you would want to be treated as well.

There are so many more things like teaching your children to be polite, to respect others and themselves; telling them that as long as they’ve tried their very best they are never a loser; teaching them how to treat a lady; sharing incidents from your life with them. Giving them confidence at all times….

Parenting is a challenge and without a handbook one is bound to be lost, to make to mistakes, but what the heck! If you can’t tell your child that you’re sorry and that you did not know how the cookie crumbled, then who would you be comfortable telling it to, your neighbor? Come on!


2 thoughts on “Looking at the world as a child and a parent

  1. i agree with you, its tough in all stages of parenthood, but when it comes to a certain ages, parents and children’s frequencies just dont match, and thats what makes it really difficult

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