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Mumbai 2008 – SMS

I wanted to remove the text messages that I received while the Mumbai siege was on, but did not wish to loose them.

So here they are –

Where is Raj Thackeray and his ‘brave’ Sena ? Tell Him that 200 NSG Commandos from Delhi (NO marathi manoos! ALL South & North Indians Hindus Muslims Sikhs) have been sent 2 Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. Pls fwd this so tht it finally reaches the coward bully!!!

“Forgiving a TERRORIST is left to GOD;But fixing their appointment with GOD is our Responsiblity”-INDIAN ARMY (Pl pass on to everybody to fight against evils)

Wah India,
Afjal ko mafi,
Sadhvi ko fansi,
RSS par pratibandh,
SIMI se anubandh,
Amarnath yatra par lagaan,
Haz ke liye anudan.
Waakai hai bharat mahaan

We SALUTE The Brave Officers Who Laid Down Their Lives In Protecting Us N Our Country Including HEMANT KARKARE,ASHOK KAMTE &VIJAY SALASKAR.

Whats students study in pakistan ?
BE-Bomb Engineering
M.B.B.S-Member of Bomb Blasting Society
IIT- Islamic Institute of terririsom
CAT-Career in Alqueda &Taliban
MTech-Masters in Terror Technology
LLB-Logics & laws of Bombs
BA: Bechular of Atankwad

I dnt want 2 light a candle 2 bury my remembrnce 4 those who hv died.
My heart’s full of anger, resentmnt, pain n revenge.
I see no victory.
I see no reasn 2 celebrte.
I see no reasn 2 hoist my national flag outside Taj hotel.
10 terrorist had d power 2 make d entire nation go crazy for 60hrs.
V must fight back.
If d govrnmnt cnt save us, let d army rule this country.
The subtle speeches of Manmohan Singh & Pratibha Patil fail 2 extinguish my anger.
For d 1st time in my life i dnt feel proud 2 b an Indian,
a country which is unsafe, volatile n corrupt.
We want Reaction.
India needs Leaders NOT buffoons.
Its Time 2 Wakeup.
For Gods sake, dont delete this msg. Pls, forward this msg to yr entire contact list in yr mobile. Pls..lets do it in d hope of getting a better life for our children!!

The best of them all. Short and to the point –

10 terrorist came by boat…
539 terrorist will come by vote soon.
God bless us.



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3 thoughts on “Mumbai 2008 – SMS

  1. Well, nice collection of sms against terrorism… But one SMS is not appropriate, I mean it can hurt the feeling of those who follow Islam. In the SMS “Whats students study in pakistan ?” all the full forms are okay, except that IIT… What you said is “Islamic Institute of Terrorism”. What do you want to mean by it? Islam teaches terrorism? Look, its not right, its poiniting Islam and not terrorism. You say whatever you want to say against terrorism, but why against Islam? If you don’t know, its better to keep your mouth shut…. So, I guess its better to remove that IIT wala fullform. Its upto you…

    1. Dear Rajiv,

      Respect your sentiments. Will strike that out.
      Just to clear your thoughts, I did not pen any of these, just re-produced the word-for-word here. In fact you would notice a lot of spelling errors as well.

      One more thing, it will be good if you do not use words/ phrases like “….. mouth shut….”. I will not manipulate your comment ‘cos I believe in free speech and self censorship.

      Thanks again for your comment!

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