New Jersey airport

On my way back to Delhi from Atlanta I had a near 3 hrs layover at the New Jersey Airport. After I ~

  • had found that all the ‘wi-fi‘ zones were paid
  • had got myself a cup of coffee
  • had found the gate from which I was to board the flight and
  • also found that the one mentioned on the departure screens was not the correct one …

… I had nothing to do. So I went around the terminal checking out the various shops. What fascinated me was the signage. Here are some.

NewJersey Airport 006
Hudson News – News Stand
NewJersey Airport 007
MindWorks – Toy shop
NewJersey Airport 008
Brookstore – A gift shop
NewJersey Airport 012
Border – Book Shop
NewJersey Airport 024
Brooklyn Jazz Bar – Eating place
NewJersey Airport 017
America – Souvenir Shop

But I was surprised to see that there were still shoe shine shops in the airport.
NewJersey Airport 016 NewJersey Airport 001
I did not expect to see this in an international airport in USA.

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