‘Caught a Smile’ on way to @lanta

15 hrs of sleepy travel awaited me as I boarded the Continental Airline flight from IGI, New Delhi on 2-11-2008 on my way to the US. I found the right companion on the flight “To catch a Smile”. If you have not guessed it already I am reffering to Vivek K. Agarwal’s book – To catch a Smile. 23 short stories. The book is really an overnighter if you ask me. It’s light in all respects – content and weight, but interesting.

I personally thought that the fonts used as Chapter sub-headings could have been better, currently it is a challenge to read.

If you like reading short stories you can pick this book up only at India plaza (online store).
You can order your copy from http://www.indiaplaza.in/books/all/9788190585811/all/To-Catch-A-Smile.htm 
You can read more about the book at www.tocatchasmile.com 
Some reviews at – http://www.tocatchasmile.blogspot.com/



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