Don’t forget the match sticks this Diwali

“har diye ko jala-ne ke liye ik salai ki zaroorat hoti hai. salai ko koi yaad nahi rakhta, diye ki roshni hoti he aisi hai.” Translation – To light every candle you need a match stick. No one remembers the match sticks, but just the brightness of the candles.

Some words that have stuck to me like glue and what a better time to put this in my collection of thoughts than now – Diwali.

Diwali is incomplete without diyas and of-course ‘match sticks’.

So who are these match sticks in our lives? My take is – “Anyone who makes us look good, in the eyes of others!”. They stand behind us and see us shine – bright and beautiful. They are our fall back mechanism. Yet so many times we just take them for granted, we think that we did everything ourselves, we don’t even acknowledge their presence let alone  appreciate them… This is the sad realistic truth of life.

I am guilty, I am sure there would be many of you who are too! So let’s change somethings – let’s appreciate the presence and significance of all the match sticks in our lives – your parents, friends, the office peon, your boss, your junior at work, your spouse, your children, a nameless man on the street, …. It can be anyone.

Do think about it this Diwali when you light the candles to brighten up your homes and welcome the good spirits and fortunes into your homes.

God Bless Us All.

Have a safe and bright Diwali.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t forget the match sticks this Diwali

  1. An interesting post after a while from you. Seems you are hurt… Or have been introspecting… But a good read none the less.
    I appreciate the thought and the fact that you could accept that you’ve been guilty of not acknowleding others.

    Have a good Diwali. Keep posting!

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