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Don’t ever buy a Hitachi…

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So why do I say that?
What is that makes me so anti Hitachi as a company?

BTW do you own a Hitachi product; a TV, an aircon…whatever – here is a tip: Sell the damn thing NOW, ‘cos if it stops working then God help you. Currently that is what I am relying on.

I own a 29″ Hitachi Flat screen TV. After about 7months the remote knocked off. I went to the dealer from who I bought the TV – “Sir we don’t have remote controls, but the company (Hitachi) they should have.” My question – “Why the hell do you have a Hitachi board outside your shop, if you are not the company or its representative?” Does your job end just after you’ve made a sale?
While I was there at this shop a gentleman who had bought a 32″ LCD walks into the shop. His complaint – “When is someone going to come to fix the TV to the wall unit, it’s been 2 days since the set was delivered?” Wow! Hitachi guys take a bow!!! Or should that be – bow-wow.

I sent the remote control then to Hitachi’s workshop in Okhla, New Delhi, and this is what I got to hear – Actually Sir Hitachi has stopped making such TV sets, we only make the LCD and Plasma versions. So? What has that got to do with the bloody remote control. This person first sent me another Hitachi remote with which all that I could do was set channels (Menu), something that one does once in 5-6months (depending on how screwed up your cable guy is) and of course the on-off switch. Nothing else worked. If this person was working at Hitachi, then he ought to have known this basic reality!

I am trying my best to get the original remote to work. And then I am going to sell the damn TV set. I hope some Hitachi joker at the higher position gets to read this and takes some action within his organization.

Oh and do you know that an Hitachi aircon, takes about 5mins to get going??? This is true, I have experienced this in Malaysia recently.

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16 thoughts on “Don’t ever buy a Hitachi…

  1. I totally agree with you about the Hitachi electrical appliances. I just bought a fridge 4 days ago, got delivered today. It overheated. I was like ****. Overheated for the first time I’m using it. The cooling system was working fine, but the outer surface of the refrigerator was at least 70 degree Celsius, I bet. I burnt my hands and when I stood beside it, I felt I was in a sauna. I was using Mitsubitshi one previously which lasted for 7 years and still working fine. But its just that the compressor is degrading. Btw, I’m all the way from Singapore. I bought this fridge from Best Denki. I will always remember that promoter who kept persuading me to get it because its high in demand and selling out fast. What a lie. I called Best Denki and they have not replied. They asked for my contact number to contact me “later”, and i’m still waiting. I should have seen this blog first. Well, once bitten twice shy, i will never lay a glance on Hitachi products ever again.

  2. wow Chua, glad that i read your post here. I had the same encounter @ Best denki – promoter who kept persuading me to get a Hitachi fridge, because its high in demand and selling out fast! Even showed me the list of contacts that he has for stock once it comes in. Damn!

      1. spread the word , Please. I bought a Hitachi refrigerator and it has been a nightmare. ALways broken, they never fix it, and it isn’t even 1 1/2 yrs old. The store is no help, the technicians never fix it and I’m left with no fridge and groceries spoiled for the 3rd time.
        BOYCOTT HITACHI!!!!!

        1. You are lucky that it took a year to broke. My parents bought a 6 thousand dollar fridge from Hitachi and on the FIRST DAY they trial run it, the ‘cooling’ system produces HOT air instead of cooling the fridge down. It’s now 4 months and none of the technician or ANYONE in the WHOLE HITACHI knows what is going on! They just keep replacing parts and it takes FOREVER! 6 bloody thousand dollars for a FAULTY BRAND NEW REFRIGERATOR!

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