Google Chrome

Got to know about Google‘s browser today, and I just had to download it to see what they did to the browser. What I saw, was good and currently I am using it to write this post. The response time is good even on an old laptop 🙂

Here is the link Google Chrome  to their welcome page.

Some interesting features are – 

  1. Application Shortcuts : Now you can have your favourite Google Apps as shorcuts on your Desktop.
  2. Much like the lastest Opera browser, you get a list of your most visited sites with thumbnails.
  3. The address bar is also your ‘Search’ field.

And if you want to know why on earth did Google build another browser then read on…

The browser has most plugins pre installed and you can see which are enabled and which aren’t. Most of the sites that I have viewed did not misbehave, when compaired with Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Do post back your thoughts and views.



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