Some videos from the airplane…

Couldn’t resist my temptation to shoot the beautiful blue waters from the craft. Used a Nokia N73 for the videos.

and there is another one…

Ever thought about the ‘in cabin’ sound in an airplane???


3 thoughts on “Some videos from the airplane…

  1. This is beautiful. I also thought about capturing the landing and take off sometime, but never seemed to have my camera ready on a flight.

    I was surprised how you used a mobile phone to do so. Don’t we need to switch off these things when on a flight?

    I am sorry to say that you were putting a lot of people in huge danger just to get a few pictures. This is a sad, I guess you were just lucky that you did not get caught.

    Please do not do this again.

  2. Hi Susaan,

    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate your concern for fellow passengers.

    I am sure you are aware of the ‘Offline’ or ‘Airplane’ mode that most new phones offer.

    In such a scenario, your phone goes ‘Offline’ meaning that it loses its capacity to send or get signals – which is what causes danger.

    As most of the new phones have cameras and music player built in them, this a way in which you can enjoy your music while on a flight.

    My phone was in ‘Offline’ mode. Hope this clarifies the point the point that I did not put peoples life at stake to grab a few good pictures.


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