This is a Non Smoking flight

Well I smoke and getting onto an international flight is a painful exercise.
For not only can you not smoke on the craft, you are helpless at the airports too.

On this occasion I was at the airport exactly 3 hrs before the flight. Knowing the traffic situation in New Delhi, my colleague and I left office at 3PM to be at home by 4PM; we planned to rest a while as we needed to be at the airport by 8PM to catch an 11PM flight to KL. We managed it well in time.

I don’t smoke at home and while driving, so my last cigarette before leaving for home was at about 2:55PM IST. I thought I’d catch a smoke at the airport. But the New Delhi airport has changed and changed for good, I guess 😀

[5 Hrs without a smoke]

We went looking for the X-Ray machine and were told – “You don’t need that, go to the Check In counter”. 40 min. saved. We took 10 mins at the Check In counter as there weren’t very many people. 20 min. saved. Now as there wasn’t a Q for security check, so we went in. Forgetting that beyond that yellow line, there was no way that I could smoke. Phew. Mistake, but that was it! We took around 10 min. at the security check and another 10 at Immigration. 1:30 min. saved.

So if you calculate it we saved 2:30 hrs out of the 3 that we had.

[8 Hrs without a smoke]

To this add another 5.30 for the flight.

[13:30 Hrs without a smoke]

Add another hour to get to out of Immigration at the KL airport and then to the city.

14:30 hrs without a smoke!

Wow! I sure am proud of myself.
Here are some pictures of where I finally got to smoke… the Petronas towers in KL
 KL 054 KL 014







KL 022


One thought on “This is a Non Smoking flight

  1. Great pictures! I have been on the skybridge and the view is just amazing! Pity that you missed out!

    Try again next time you are there 🙂

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