On my way to Malaysia

I am in a town called Alor Setar or Alor Star in Malaysia. On my way in to this country I flew with the Malaysian Airline. I have always flown Lufthansa for any international travel earlier. This was my first experience with another airline.

I believed that LH was the best, maybe because I had seen no other. But with this experience I think LH can take its services up a long way; basically the experience for the traveler.

I love color and what was most pleasant was to see a bright aircraft (and I don’t mean the air hostesses). The aircraft had amazingly colorful seats.


Malaysian Airlines

Malaysian Airlines

The second was that you were welcomed with a smile and not a “we’re the best you know” look.

The third was what told me that ‘these people care about their customers and about their reputation.








So here is the experience.


The travel agent, in spite of my mentioning non-vegetarian as the preferred meal booked me a ‘Hindu meal’. BTW this is not the first time that the Travel agent goofed up.


Here is my earlier experience with Lufthansa –

I was told by a curt hostess, “Sir this is what you ordered and this is what I have. I will see if we have some after we have served everyone else.”

Now, what that meant for me was –

  • At this height were the f**k am I going to get you anything else than what you ordered. We don’t have a kitchen here!
  • At this height do you have a f*****g choice, have what we give or stay hungry.
  • We shall see if we have any left, then you can have your food while the others sleep.

Now here is my experience with Malaysian Airlines –


First the air hostess checked with a list of people who had special meals mentioned in their ticket. When I told her that that was a mistake by the Travel Agent, she smiled and said, “Yes they do that sometimes. Will you have chicken or vegetarian?”

The air hostess mad sure that I did get my meal, even the person serving checked if I did get chicken and not a ‘Hindu meal’.


Now that is what I call service and customer experience.


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