Monsoons in Delhi

I have written earlier about ‘rains in delhi’

Continuing the same feeling here are some scenes captured during August 2008. Officially the monsoons are in town and Delhi is combination of ‘dhoop chaaon’ (light & shade).

The city blossoms, the pot-holes show up, the birds chirp, the traffic is static; it all happens during this time of the year.

This is when I was driving around India Gate

This one is while I was stuck at a traffic signal opposite the Old Fort


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3 thoughts on “Monsoons in Delhi

  1. Dear Friend – Tell me when does it not.

    Since I remember road making contracts are given just before the rains. The ‘Kuchha’ roads then face the rains and the citizens end up with roads full of puddles ‘n’ potholes.

    Simply put, the citizens always get a ‘raw deal’.

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