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Gnome is now ‘Inkfruit’

Without taking a break from my ‘Musical’ month here is a ‘Fruity’ special 🙂


This one’s for all you ‘Fruits’ who are nuts about ‘Tees’.

You are what you wear, isn’t it? And Tees have been a personal favorite from the time that I can remember. If the T-Shirt has a message then you kind of become what it says, don’t you?

You become the message or at least try to 😛 Now comes the age when you can get customized t-shirts at the click of a button.

My friend Daksh has blogged extensively about the various options here ( He mentioned a name ‘Gnome’. For all you newbies ‘Gnome’ is now ‘Inkfruit’. Same brand, same quality promise with just a new name – Inkfruit.

Inkfruit is a social site where people upload their designs or photos for t-shirts. Currently there is an ongoing weekly contest with a prize money of Rs. 20,000. The winning designs are then transfer or screen printed (depending on the job – Ref: FAQ section on their site) on t-shirts made of high quality fabrics in all sizes. If your design wins, it goes into production. These are then sold on the site.

Inkfruit however professes ‘screen printing’, and I quote Sarika…

We do screen printing, where the screens/stencils for individual designs are prepared and then used. Transfer printing involves transfer by heat where any design can be transferred easily but the results do not match up to screen printing in quality.

I was approached by Sarika from Inkfruit to post about Inkfruit here, so 🙂 with pleasure I write.

I have not had the chance to wear their stuff, but with all the people on their site I am hopeful they are good, so try them out and I will too!

I wish all @ inkfruit – All the best!!

For anyone else other than ‘the Fruits’, who read this – No recommendations on my behalf as I have not used the services of the site. Please make your own decisions and choices.

I will continue my musical month here on…


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