Payo ji meine – D.V. Paluskar and Lata Mangeshkar

This is just great stuff, hear two of the best in the same video.

Fom YouTube:

पायो जी मैंने
पायो जी मैंने राम रतन धन पायो ..
वस्तु अमोलिक दी मेरे सतगुरु किरपा करि अपनायो .
जनम जनम की पूंजी पाई जग में सभी खोवायो .
खरचै न खूटै चोर न लूटै दिन दिन बढ़त सवायो .
सत की नाव खेवटिया सतगुरु भवसागर तर आयो .
मीरा के प्रभु गिरिधर नागर हरष हरष जस गायो .

Meera Bhajan sung by D.V.Paluskar circa 1940s and newer version by Lata
paayoji mainne ram ratan dhan paayo
Vastu amolik dee mere sataguru
kripaa kari apnaavo (payo ji maine)
janam janam ki punji paal
jag mein sakhovaayo (payo ji maine)
kharcha na koi chor na lutai
din din badhat savayo (payo ji maine)
sat ki naav khevatiya satguru
bhavsagar taravayo (payo ji maine)
meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar
harash harash jas gaayo (payo ji maine)

I have recieved a treasure of God’s (Rama)name. My true Guru (spiritual master) gave me this invaluable gift and gratefully, I accepted it. I have lost my worldly possessions, but gained a treasure, that would have taken several births to aquire, in this life. No thief can steal this treasure (of His name), This treasure multiplies even if I spend it freely. With this vessel of truth and my guru to guide me, I crossed this occean of life
The Lord of Mira Bai is the Courtly Lord Giridhara, of whom I merrily, merrily sing His glories.


3 thoughts on “Payo ji meine – D.V. Paluskar and Lata Mangeshkar

  1. Dear Maniar,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Nope I have none, infact as you can see, even these are linked from youTube. I am sure you will find many more there.

    Click on the video twice and it will take you to the youTube channel from which I have linked this piece.


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