Look at the ceiling

They say one must take a moment or two to “look at the ceiling”. Well they did not ask us to gaze, but to visualize the possibilities; the maximum limits; the places where we’d like to be.

This is what I see when I look at the ceiling. Guess what it is? Stupid question, it’s a wind chime that does not sing.

From this view I see it as a shell with many shells; as a bunch of flowers; anti-gravity threads; a water fountain. What do you see?


2 thoughts on “Look at the ceiling

  1. Haha… My teacher once told me this while scolding me and I actually looked at the ceiling and I was searching for the clock since she specifically told me “time is gold”. I thought she was referring about the clock… XD

    • Thanks for the comment Nica.
      I seem to have deleted the picture from Flickr and also can’t locate it on my PC 😦

      Yes, sometime we take the words literally and then get beaten for it 😀


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