Well done guys!

Date – 7th March 2008, New Delhi, India. Uploaded by dakshsayshello.

Funny, that I did not post this one earlier. That’s Daksh and I. Of course you know who Daksh is and who I am, don’t you 🙂

I read this one somewhere, it has stuck – “What you appreciate begins to appreciate.”

This one is a special picture for me as well. As this is the first occasion when I presented a certificate too!

The picture is also special as there should have been another guy in the snap – who just snapped out. Rana too was recommended for the same assignment.

Well done guys!


3 thoughts on “Well done guys!

  1. It’s hearty to see people appreciate. Some don’t even say “thank you” for all the effort that the junior colleagues put in.
    They don’t realise they too were in the same place sometime, somewhere.
    They forget that it is because of the other guys they get a salary.


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