Weather or not

This is a view of rain falling on the streets of Kolkata

WoW! Whether or not it is good for crops; whether or not it is the result of ‘global warming‘; I couldn’t care less, it’s raining like the monsoons were here in Delhi and I am loving it.

It’s now nearly 5 days we have had rain drenched roads and beautiful hues of green on the trees. The flowers look brighter. The office seems like a glass walled jail. The birds are merry. The kids are having a great time splashing water and making paper boats. And amidst all the ruckus about the IPL, Sealing and Demolition of property orders, traffic jams; Delhi is looking beautiful.

I wish the damn humid, sweaty, thirsty summer days do not return. Would it not be great if we could skip the rest of the summer and go to the monsoon season and then jump to winters?

I love the rains, maybe more because I remember Dad whenever it rains. We would walk for hours in the rain. Got great gems of wisdom from him during those walks. I have a son now and we too go for a walk in the rain, just that he is on my shoulder most of the while. I have not taken him for a walk in the rain in the last 5 days, maybe (and I hope it does) if it rains over the weekend, we’ll get our chance.


One thought on “Weather or not

  1. It did not rain last weekend.

    Your son missed being on his Dad’s back.

    I saw the pictures. He is cute.

    Like the comments.


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