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Indian Television and Soap Operas

It is astonishing to see the portrayal of women Indian television. On the one hand we project ourselves as the land where women are worshiped in the form of Durga, Kali, …. the list is endless, and in the same breath we depict our women folk in bad light on television.

What is even more surprising is that it is women who watch these TV serials the most. If you land up at someone’s place without informing them you would most likely find them glued to their TV watching one of these weird programs.

There was a time when a TV serial was given 13 episodes to complete its story and then we got to see a new story. But with the advent of cable TV came the big soaps and we were not the ones to be left behind, were we? Hey the TRP ratings mattered more than the what effect it had on people’s lives and more importantly on their minds, didn’t they? So all the possible crap was loaded onto the ‘idiot box’ and the entertainment starved audiences loved and lapped it.

These soap operas never seem or seemed to have an end. In my opinion this is the worst thing that could have happened to an impressionable audience. The justification given by many-a-pundit is the ‘ostrich approach’. The Ostrich is famous for hiding its head in the sand at the first sign of danger; likewise we may also switch channels or better still switch off the TV. What is not being focussed on is that we are humans and not ostriches.

The characters in all the soaps seems to have had a bath in elixir. No one seems to die. And if someone does die then the are brought back to life in a different part of the world. Bizarre! Even more bizarre is the characterization of women. They say “Character is what you are in the dark”, but this is character assassination in broad daylight and no one seems to object it. When we see ‘cheer leaders’ at an IPL match in skimpy clothing, we raise a hue and cry. What about the ill projection of women in most of the soap operas?

I guess being true to your partner is no longer the done thing! Being true to yourselves is even dumber!

Somehow we have never seemed to strike a balanced approach, we either depict with no sense of strength or we go to the other side of the scale and depict them with no sense at all of anything under the sun!

I am aware that if this post somehow reaches the people who I am subtly mentioning it would mean nothing to them as all they can see is moolah! I hope the stupid TV soap operas depicting women in bad light get done away with.

I can but write about it on my blog, but if there is anyone there who has any influence on the people who decide what goes on air and what does not, please do something about it.

This could be one of a handful of posts where I do not have a picture. That is purely because I do not want to promote any of these soaps in any which way.

God bless us!



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4 thoughts on “Indian Television and Soap Operas

  1. Kya baat hai, someone has taken the lead to write about this shit without names. I like this ‘kambal’ approach.

    They have dialogs which are down right derogatory.

    Who sensors these. Why in the name of ‘womanhood’ are these allowed see the light of the TV screen.

    Can only reiterate your feeling – God bless us!!

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