Yeh Dilli hai

Connaught Place, Delhi's commercial hubImage via Wikipedia

Delhi is up for a major face lift. Construction is at full swing. Be it the Metro tracks, maintenance of roads or the ill famed BRT, the latest bus service.

Looking at all this my colleague Sunaina had a few interesting lines to say –

Idhar Khuda hai
Udhar Khuda hai…
… jahan nahin Khuda hai
Wahan ‘kal’ Khud jaayega

A bad translation would be –

It’s dug-up here
It’s dug-up there
Where it isn’t dug-up
It will be so tomorrow

But leaving aside the joke, this is surely a very interesting time to be in Delhi, as you get to see the future being constructed today. It’s a major revolution and we are witness to it all.

We are seeing our world change and change (like in the latest CEAT ad) is here and healthy.

We are getting all the material for tales to narrate to the generations to come… Let’s enjoy this change.



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