40 seconds on 4th gear

IndiaGate, New Delhi, IndiaImage via Wikipedia

40 seconds on 4th gear? What 40 seconds? 40 seconds is the maximum time that I used to be on the 4th gear and then move to the 5th. Saves petrol, you don’t have to bother about switching gears even if you dip to 30 kmph or 20.

But all that is gone… in the preparation for the ‘Commonwealth GamesNew Delhi roads have become a nightmare. It took me 45 mins max to cover a distance of 22 odd (or should that be even) kilometers to reach Okhla, but now the same distance takes me near an hour and a half. Phew!!

Commonwealth; wasn’t that for countries who still believe that the Queen of England is the ‘reporting head’. Couldn’t think about a better hierarchy 🙂

Surprisingly enough I still spend only about 40 seconds on the 4th gear 😦 the rest… I spend in anticipation of getting to the 4th gear 😉


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