Observation is everything

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As promised in one of my previous posts, here I am writing about the ‘Mosaic Show’. Focusing on Vishvesh’s paintings.

I was at the ‘Mosaic Show’ (Vishvesh’s exhibition) recently and what I saw made me think “this guy doesn’t need to go to the gym man, the huge canvases are good enough for weight training”. 😉 They were huge; they were vibrant; they were in-your-face. The force of colors and imagination in the paintings is quite unexplainable.

Talk about breaking rules. You see it in Vishvesh’s painting. Right from the word “Go” he is breaking rules. He uses acrylic on canvas with a ‘knife’. And then he goes and paints with ‘offset printing inks’ and a knife. I mean what are we trying do here? Shock people!

His works of imagination are as colourful as his sense of humour. Meet him sometime and you’ll have a ball playing with words. …have a ball, playing with words…hmmn..interesting 😉

The more I think about it, the more I realize, everything in painting is just – vision. In Vishvesh’s case right from what to paint to what to paint with…is a part of visualising the end result in the mind’s eye.

I wish him and his colleagues all the very best for their forthcoming exhibition at the IHC, New Delhi.

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