What an idea!

What an idea!

The above advertisement caught my attention for ‘lack of common sense’.

Well I am no ad guru, but tell me why would a person who is ‘challenged to hear or speak’, as is shown very clearly in the advertisement (the ladies use sign language to communicate), buy a mobile phone?

To send an SMS to a travel guide? Sound unreal.

I am sure a lot of research would have been conducted to come up with this ‘idea’.

What surprises me even further is that a leading actor agrees to shoot this story. Must be true! Well maybe, but unconvincing!

It would have been better if this was shot impromptu at any location with the tag line ‘what an idea!’, but then that would have had to be real!

We love the unreal Hindi movies ‘cos we don’t have to use them in our daily lives, but products in advertisements are for the real world to consume. So they better be true and real, like life!! Wah! What an idea!


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