Encyclopedia of India

This one is for a friend. He designed the cover and slipcase for this edition of the ‘Encyclopedia of India’ for Britannica India. I have picked the content from the Britannica India website as is.


This five-volume reference set presents a wide spectrum of textual, visual, and statistical information on India. Covering numerous facets – land and people, culture and religion, history and philosophy, technology and sports, arts and business – this all-encompassing knowledge resource is perfect for home, school, or office. Well-researched information on personalities, events, and innovations delivers an in-depth understanding of India to readers.


  • Over 3,000 entries related to geography, politics, culture, technology, demographics, entertainment, sports, arts, science, and more
  • More than 1,400 images and graphics for visual reinforcement of themes
  • Spotlight on the fields of art, aesthetics, flora/fauna, and academics through special essays by expert contributors
  • Informative boxed items on focus themes such as National Awards of India and Cricket in India
  • Exhaustive index; easy-to-use alphabetical format


PAGES: 1,944
FORMAT: Hardcover with slipcase

Price: 2850/- (INR) inclusive of all taxes.

Disclaimer: All © and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

I have seen this one at a book store, but I hope my friend will gift me a copy 😉

Like I said this one is for a friend, in case I have inadvertently violated any copyright laws do send me a mail and I will remove this post. It will be helpful if you also put in the reason and how I had violated the rules so that I don’t commit the same error again.

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