‘Valet’ parking?

I was at a leading ‘hospitality’ centre the other day and as I knew their parking lot was a little off the main building, I asked the valet to park the car.

It is a general feeling that that is a ‘service’ provided by the hotel/ business centre for the convenience of the guests, and till I read the details on the flip side of the ‘parking ticket’ I too felt the same.

I have removed the name of the establishment from the image, as I believe the message is going to be more or less the same at other places.



scan0001.jpg scan0002

The back very clearly states –

Important condition: This vehicle is being parked at the request of the guest at his own risk and responsibility in or outside the Hotel premises. In the event of any loss, theft or damage, the management shall not be held responsible for the same and the guest shall have no claim whatsoever against the management.

Maybe I am reading too much into the content. Maybe this is how things are done everywhere. Maybe I am expecting too much from these establishments. Maybe I am just old fashioned…or just plain courteous…


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