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And you thought ‘smoking’ was unhealthy

What is healthy is a debatable question. For vegetarians, non vegetarian food is unhealthy; for the not so vegetarian there is a vociferous ‘NO’ whenever that topic is touched.

But most commonly what we get to hear is that we mustn’t ‘smoke’. Why, people having been doing so for so long…so why this sudden dislike for the tobacco plant and the plants that produce its refined version ‘the cigarette’? We have all kinds of statistics stating the dangers of smoking. About statistics, England’s Prime minister Benjamin Disraeli said “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

The governments ban smoking in public places, the population creates smoking zones in homes and offices; The governments ban advertisements by tobacco companies, the companies start producing playing cards and music CDs; The governments hike the prices of tobacco products, the population still find a way to afford these… and the story continues….

In all this anti tobacco campaign the government and people have forgotten that technology is moving ahead faster than the speed of light. We have now – Wi-Fi systems, mobile phones, microwave ovens, FM modulated wall clocks, wireless headsets, wireless keyboards and of-course blue-tooth and wireless mice all over us.

My friend had a premature delivery as she did not stop to use the microwave oven when she was pregnant. Her son is perpetually ill as he has had the radiation inside him even before he could literally see the light of day.

Who is taking this up at the various parliaments around the globe?

We like a wireless environment as it is easy to sit on your bed and listen to music while you punch at the keyboard to send email. The TV was said to make us ‘couch potatoes’; I think the wireless environment is just adding to that quotient.

Our children live and breathe in an environment that is full of radiation – TV, Mobile Phones, Wi-Fi networks at home, Microwave ovens, the list is endless and sadly enough – still growing…. and we complain – “my child is not as active as I was”; the question is – ‘Are you letting him be?’… THINK!!

With games on TV and PCs are we letting our children enjoy the world. THINK!! Sports is limited to car racing or strategic games on the PC. WoW – how boring.

… and you thought ‘smoking’ was unhealthy; THINK!!



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8 thoughts on “And you thought ‘smoking’ was unhealthy

  1. i agree with you , my view point is slightly different though. While you reasons on the basis of other products being as , if not more, harmful i see it as a restriction on freedom of choice.

    If owners of a particular restaurant want to ban smoking thats fine. Not much either you or me can do about it , what is missing is the freedom say in being able to open something catering only to smokers… if non smokers have such a problem they can simply stay away, and if they dont then its a choice which they are making.

  2. @ puchoo –

    Yep! I second you. I know that it can be uncomfortable for people who don’t smoke to be in a place full of it, but as you said, the choice is theirs; like the choice to smoke is ‘ours’.

    No one pushed us into smoking, we do ‘cos we like to! Simple…


  3. That’s awesome!!! I look for microwave oven for new house.And how to use it safety.I saw many web about this but your web is the best for me.Thank you.

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