Where is the Hippopotamus?

Saturday, December 22, 2007 [13:00 – 16:00 Hrs IST +5:30 GMT]

Today I visited the New Delhi Zoo after nearly 18 years. The occasion – Pravit wanted to see a Hippopotamus! The weather was perfect and looking at the enthusiasm in his eyes there was no way that I could say – “Let’s do it some other time”.

So come with me on the search for the ‘Hippo’.

The Zoo at New Delhi, to my surprise hadn’t changed very much. The security was higher than earlier, more to create chaos than to check; foreigners still got the “yes sir” treatment; the staircase looked as weary as every as did most of the animals. But where is the Hippo?

We started our hunt and passed by the antics of a duck that was desperately trying to amuse the audience by tumbling over in the pond.

Here see –

We then saw some Kingfishers up on the trees

We saw many deer, it seems the Zoo at New Delhi has a fascination for deer :)Look at the picture – the zoo has not been designed for kids and they

are who visit the zoo in thousand. The directions, signs and officials are invisible. But in-spite of all these people like me still visit the zoo with their kids.

We moved on for that elusive ‘Hippo’…..

…. we saw an emaciated lion and some rock like crocodiles .

We couldn’t get to see the Hippos even though Pravit prayed with all his might –

Finally Pravit was so tired that he just couldn’t go on anymore, but his spirit was still the same. See in this series of pictures.

I’m tired Come hold my hand No, I will sit here

You’ve seen most of the picture, to view the others, visit – http://picasaweb.google.com/pravit.gupta/MyZooTrip

We had a wonderful time trying to understand Pravit’s uncontrollable blabber.It was a great day at the zoo as an overall experience more so as Pravit was there with us than the animals and the facilities.


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