A focused product

Emporia LifeHave you heard of the ‘emporia life’ mobile phone?

I hadn’t till I heard a passing remark about it on a news channel. Some things just stick don’t they and I guess this was one of them. When I searched for it I found something really interesting. Here goes…

I call this post ‘A focused product’ as the makers of the ‘emporia life’ have focused on a part of society who are otherwise neglected or let’s say not very much is targeted towards them; ‘Our senior citizens’.

This phone makes use of – Visual, Sound and Feel factors effectively. Notice these are areas where the elderly are most challenged.

Some features

  • So we have an ‘orange back-light display’ and ‘large buttons’ for better readability and use
  • An excellent ‘speaker’ phone
  • A loud ‘ringer’
  • Powerful ‘vibration’ alert
  • Compatible to ‘hearing devices’

The most important feature however is a ‘big red emergency clip_image001button’ on the back of the phone. This button may be programmed to call up to five numbers for help. This may also be programmed to send off a pre-written SMS to a number in an emergency.

Usability like the word says has everything to do with ‘being able to use’ something. With most of our mobile phone becoming ‘miniscule monsters’, it is reassuring to know, that at last a phone has been particularly designed for the older generation, giving them the security and convenience that a mobile phone can bring.

At last someone has taken ‘off’ the bells and whistles from a mobile phone.


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