Kumaon Trip

Some pictures from our recent trip to the Kumaon hills.
This sure is not the time to go to the oft flocked places as all that you are wanting to get away from is what you’ll get in plenty…blaring horns, heat and a sea of heads. Best bet is to be there in the winters.

Our first stop for breakfast was at Gajraula

This one was at the ‘Pahalwan ka dhaba’ near the gas station. Sad part was that I could have a smoke with all that gasoline around. This is about 110kms from Delhi. Nice, clean food.

We then moved on to ‘Garjia’ a temple that broke off from someplace and found itself locked at its current place of rest. Was not allowed to shoot pictures. The temple has 66 steps and a sea of visitors. The amazing part is that this 66 step wonder can accomodate unaccountable number of visitor and never ever has had a stampede. The sand and stones was blisteringly hot, and we had walk bare foot.

We stopped over at ‘Haldwani’ for lunch and later in the evening moved to ‘Bhowali’. We stayed at the ‘Sarthak Inn’

That’s Pravit at Sarthak Inn. This is quiet little place just 11kms from Nainital. The food and the accomodation was good.

So after breakfast we drove to Nainital. Boating was fun, the kids loved it. Our friends stayed at the Grand, right on Mall road while we went way up to ‘Oak Lodge’, Shikha’s grandmom’s place.

Oak Lodge like the name suggests is a wooden house. You get a great view of the hills from here.

We then headed to Shikha’s Mom’s village – ‘Kamola’. The night was spent on the terrace with a Oh-so-unsual clear view of the stars. The house is surrounded by fields and a stream flows through the backyard. Here is a picture of a laden mango tree.

We had a lot of fun even though it was hot and I drove over 800kms in under 3.5days. A good getaway from Delhi.


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