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My classmate teacher…

Life is the greatest teacher, is my belief. From our experiences today we learn the do’s and don’t for all our tomorrows. My choice for a potential classmate would be someone who has lived in a remote village (any place in the world), someone who had to travel a distance everyday to even reach their elementary school, communicates as well as anyone else in class, comes from an unsound economic background yet is economically independent, has a flair for music and philosophy and definitely loves nature.

Why I say what I say is because I see huge potential in such people being world leaders, let alone influence me. I had the privilege of choosing which school I wanted to attend and of course, I chose the one nearest to where I lived, though I knew that the mode of transport would be the school-bus. Now here is someone who had to travel miles to learn the alphabet, with no choice of schools and transport. So the question is who is more intrinsically involved in the entire process of education or better still learning.

Even though my classmate has not had the privilege of over a 100 channels of information to choose from, s/he is well informed about the happenings around the world via a-day-old newspaper that reached their school. That urge to get information is therefore reflected in all aspects their lives. The effort and involvement that they’d pitch-in even for small tasks would put the best of us to shame.

People from remote villages are by some supernatural magic entrepreneurs to the core. They till their own land and definitely eat and sell what they produce. My guess is that since they have the stars to look up to (which for us is covered with smog) they dream; they dream of reaching for heights of innovation that we cannot even imagine.

My friend communicates, so you think s/he speaks as well as us city dwellers – No.

S/He communicates better if not as well as us. But what does that mean? Communication is not just about speaking well, but is all about expressing and transferring your thoughts. My friend does it very well, using voice, eyes, body and of course, words.

What do I get from my classmate? I get some keywords for my future, like – involvement, entrepreneurship, focus, innovation and communication.

So do I need a B School degree or a talk by an expert? That one’s for you to answer. Incidentally I learnt all this for free!



Ananda's career spans over 18 years of experience in Graphic Visualization and Designing for Multimedia Packages/ Web, Multimedia Courseware Development and Corporate Marketing. Ananda is known for integrity, high professional standards and sensitivity to deliver projects within the committed parameters. He is focused on work ethic and positive demeanor at the work place. Ananda is skilled in handling multiple projects and adept at end-to-end development, encompassing Visualization, Creation, and Development of the user experience. He has served as a Graphics Designer and Visualizer for CBT, WBT and web sites. Ananda believes in strong team orientation and ensures interdepartmental co-ordination to support organizational objectives. He has the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management. He possesses invaluable experience of working in multiple technologies across various domains. Ananda is a creative, conscientious and adaptable leader who develops strong working relationships and sets standards for employees.

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