Traffic congestion in New Delhi on October 10, 2006

Driving back from office… .
Today is driving special, it seems.

There is this huge row of cars at the traffic signal; I join them not finding a turn, but more importantly as I was running low on Gas and this is the shortest route to my place.

With the intervention of a couple of gentlemen, who directed the traffic, as they had to get their car to the other side we managed to get past the traffic signal. I had go over the flyover to get to the Gas station; why the hell did I not fill up near the office; was I to know that there will be a traffic mess up here…thoughts…me and I talking.

Guess what, I get to the middle of the flyover at 60 and there is this complete barricade of cars! Why?? Oh! How could I forget, it’s Karva Chauth and all the windowless and terrace-less Delhi-wallas are on the streets so that their beloved can view the moon through a sieve and then break their day long fast.

Do traditions cause traffic jams anywhere in the world?
Are the local housing societies and builders understanding what their users need?

After all humans are animals and animals need nature!


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