I Learn From My Mistakes (Sometimes)

Picked from Robin Sharma’s blog:

I liked the concept…so picked up content from this link –http://www.robinsharma.com/scripts/ic_blog.php?id=228

Eric Clapton - Robin Sharma

Nothing wrong with making a mistake. We are human. A powerful way we all learn and grow. Just don’t make the same mistakes over again. Shows you’re resisting the lesson available to you.In The Greatness Guide, I wrote about how I missed a window of opportunity to meet Harvey Keitel in a Toronto hotel lobby. Just didn’t seize the “cubic centimeter of chance” that presented itself. But I vowed to make amends.

Well I just did. Was downtown for meetings with my publisher. Was having a quick sushi lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant in Toronto – Yamato. Guess who was sitting at the next table? Eric Clapton.

When the time was right (the time to seize an opportunity will never be ideal-but I let the man finish his tempura), I said hello. Nice chat. Warm person. A quick conversation that somehow will shape me – as every conversation does.

Each day life sends you chances to learn, grow and step into your best. Don’t miss them.

— Robin Sharma

PS: Eric Clapton is one of my favorites as well 🙂


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