Why do I want to be a fashion model?

Views of an aspiring contestant for the – Grasim Mr. India contest 2006

Who doesn’t want –Name, Fame and Glory? But why do I want these on my plate. Well take a guess – so that I can connect to people; so that I can help causes; so that I can do all that I dream of doing. Disruptive thinking is what the world is moving towards.
Why do I need to run a business?
Why do I need to be a doctor or engineer?
Why can’t I be a model; a role model!

People connect to people, faces, voice – how do I get into your mind-space.
Just by being where you can see me; in commercials; in print; on the web.

What better platform that the Grasim Mr. India could I choose to help realize my dreams of connecting to people.

The ability to speak without saying very much, to my mind is the ability to connect. I am transparent and non-complicated, so people plug-in to me easily. That is my greatest strength. Integrity, Commitment and Loyalty are my support strengths to keep me swift, agile, friendly and transparent.

My strengths are my weakness as well. I think that the world is like me and take people seriously; at face value. I am impetuous and emotional.My heart always takes precedence.

Maybe just another thing that the world will move towards – remember disruptive thinking!


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