New Delhi – 2006

e863 New Delhi, the bad, dirty, irritable city with even more irritable people, honking cars, peeing people, beggars, dust, stench, politicians making you wait at traffic signals or even in the middle of nowhere.

Delhi however is all that and more…and the more is that what matters. The city looks picture perfect from The Oberoi.
Soak in…if you can smell the grass, feel the sway of the majestic kite, hear the breeze, you know what I am talking about.

It’s easy to bullshit a city, how does it matter. It’s the ‘more’ that matters, the ‘more’ that is unknown yet intrinsic.

Delhi is one of the places that we love to hate, yet never hate to love.

…. Coming up: What I live to hate about Delhi….


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